A trip to Deventer

Have a short trip to Deventer, a small city in middle of Netherlands, today.

Saxon University
It problaly is the most famous thing in Deventer.


The Big Church
Every city/town has a church in Netherlands.

Grote Markt(the Big Market)
Every city also has a Grote Markt

Walstraat, a street of more than nice facades
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IE9, “why not?”

IE9, a part of  Mircosoft’s revenage, is about to come in next month. As Microsoft IE blog announced that they will lanuch a early version of IE9 in March, 2010: http://duanwz.com/flvu

IE is becoming less and less popular in recent years. Partly because IE has monopolized the browser market since the first browser war. Microsoft has already given up to tie Windows system with IE in Europe, and let the users to choose which browser they want to use.

IE still has the biggest market share, about 62 per cent of total Internet users still use IE (included IE6. 7, 8 and other browsers which use the IE inner core, like The World Browser).

The reason is simple: most user don’t know the difference between IE and Internent. As Microsoft ties IE into Windows system, many people think there is only one browser in the world. Especially in China, many people refue to use other browsers like Firefox and Google Chrome, just because they think IE is the borned browser in Windows, they don’t want any outcomers.

Another reason for them to use IE only, because many websites in China is runned only by IE. Other browsers may have a compatible problem. For those who don’t want to try other browser, is only need a update after IE9 comes up. So, they will say: why not?

But, will IE9 save the IE series? Hard to say so. Browser is a very viscous thing. If you are very used to IE, it is hard to use anther one suddenly. But if you have used different browsers, then you have a comparsion, you will know that IE is not the best browser. It is slow, unsafe and less fashionable. I like to use Firefox and Chrome, there is no way for me to come back again.

The main problem for IE is the inner core, it doesn’t support JavaScript well. When the website is going to be more complex, IE will become more and more slow. This time, Microsoft doesn’t want to change the inner core, but to have a hardware-acceleration. Looks like IE9 is only the temporary solution.

Microsoft, the Empire strikes back

为了锻炼自己的英文水平,这个博客现在改成英文博客了。如果要看中文请看:微软帝国反击战 http://duanwz.com/flve

Microsoft, the biggest competitor of Google, has launched Microsoft Phone 7 in this week. What’s more, the Microsoft’s engineer has showed the technology of next bing map in Ted. Therefore, the episode of Microsoft strikes back is in the show.

Microsoft Phone 7

What we are excited about is the new feature of windows phone having abandoned the old microsoft mobile version, and giving it different module to run applications of social network, images, videos, games and Office Mobile. I think they are doing pretty job to make a higher level of user experience.

Windows phone VS Google Phone 

The infulence of windows new phone to Google phone is significant. Google phone is good at web applications, Windows phone has better softwares in the phone like Office Mobile. Let’s consider about the market of these two phones in China. Microsoft always has a good relationship with Chinese government, so it is not so hard to sell it in China. On the other hand, Google had just broken up with Chinese government, and its many web applications might be blocked in China in future.

Bing map of next generation

The current Google map and Bing map both have supported the 3D street view. But the engineer of Microsoft want to have a indoor and astronomical body view in bing map of next generation. Let’s watch the awesome video.

It is so cool to have a live video in map, and it matches the street image. Google map gets a powerful company now.
Google and Microsoft, these two biggest IT companies fighting each other like dragon fights tiger(龙虎斗). We are glad to see that, thanks to the competition, we can have a better Internet in the future.

Thundering words in Chinese 2010 Spring Festival Gala

A little girl hug the turtle head (Gui’tou, with same pronunciation of glans in Chinese) saying: I like it I like it.

In Jiang Kun’s cross talk said: You are the Internet, I am the (Great) Firewall. (Great Firewall of China, is a censorship and surveillance project operated by the Ministry of Public Security (MPS) division of the government of China. It has blocked Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Blogger and many other websites in Mainland China.)

The airwoman: Leader has already fucked.

In an opusculum: How much is a steamed stuffed bun? Fifty cents. (50 Cent Party, whose role is posting comments favorable towards the government policies to skew the public opinion on various Internet message boards)

The widow thanks Zhao Benshang for his donation for her family: Thanks to the Chinese Communist Party and thanks to the government. (Actually there is nothing to do with the Communist Party and the government)

Google Buzz should get out of Gmail

After a couple of days using Google Buzz, I start to think Buzz is not so nice. I already have facebook and twitter in international SNS, plus Renren (Chinese facebook) and a lot of Chinese twitters, but I never think Buzz is good enough to replace them.

It is disaster to follow some famous guys on Internet. Concider about China having been blocking facebook and twitter, so there is no place to speak freely and safely except Google Buzz. Ten of thousands Chinese Gmail users gather in those famous guys’ Buzz and show their feelings about everything. Usually one Buzz can get more than 400 comments, and most of all have no value for me.

After two days, I am getting tired of Buzz keeping showing the updates. There is one good thing abour Buzz is to turn it off in Gmail, but I still want to keep it, so I just hide it in case of interrpution.

Even though , Buzz still is a good product in SNS. But it just shouldn’t be in Gmail, a lot people use their Gmail to contact their customer and college who don’t need a social network in their email.

The future of Buzz is hard to predict. It may be the next Oukut or Jaiku. It may cost Gmail being blocked in Mainland China, as Gmail is already blocked in Iran. But it is a nice try for Google, keeping Internet moving forward.

Link: my Google Buzz/Google profile

Google Buzz,福兮?祸兮?

早上从twitter上得知Google将在一周之内推出一项在Gmail上的类似twitter的社交服务,不到24小时,从Google Reader的Google官网上看到Google Buzz已经出现了。

从介绍来看,Google Buzz在功能上比Twitter要完善很多,可以直接看图片,视频,而且可以设置自己的分享是公开的还是只给指定者的。可以接连Picasa,filckr,Google Reader和twitter四项服务。

Google Buzz首先是个挖Twitter墙角的东西,好比网易微博能连接新浪微博,在网易微博上可以直接向新浪微博发言一样。微博是需要人气的,用户如果长期用Google Buzz来发tweet,就很可能不再使用twitter原来的服务。考虑到Gmail全球庞大的用户数量,这个微博用户数量是很可观的。

我们可以比照Google Buzz跟QQ邮箱广播,2者最大的差别就是Google是开放的并且融合了多项服务来优化本身,而QQ广播过于局限于QQ邮箱,没有任何创新可言。

Google Buzz对于中国网民来说是一个很好的平台。twitter虽有众多的第三方服务,但有些不是很稳定,保不准哪天就被墙了,而Gmail却是一个很大的避风港。中国网民终于找到一个能自由发言的稳定的平台。


Google Buzz_1265751737526

Google Buzz对中国的微博客的启示又是很多的,门前国内的微博过于局限在twitter的构架。QQ广播第一个尝了螃蟹,但很明显国内的IT企业无法在创新上跟Google相比,大家都在抄国外的东西,然后稍微本土化改进就说自己创新了。可以想象这种差距会在将来的10年内拉大到网民无法忍受国内产品服务的状况,因为互联网技术更新换代很快,而且每一代比起上一代都有无法超越的优越性。我们可以选择封掉Gmail这个全球最好的邮箱,但我们却失去了了解世界顶尖技术的机会,使我们注定要再次落后。